M3a1 Green Bag

Type Classification:

M3A1 : Std AMCTC 4633 dtd 1966. M3: Std AMCTC 4633 dtd 1966.


The M3 series propelling charges are green bag type designed for use in I55mm howitzers for firing in Zones 1 through 5.


The full charge consists of approximately 5.50 pounds of propellant including a base charge and four unequal increments loaded in cloth bags. The hags are fastened together with four cloth straps sewn to the base and tied on top of Increment 5. Charge M3 is assembled. without flash reducer pads. Charge M3A1 includes 3 flash reducer pads containing potassium nitrate or potas sium sulphate. A 2 ounce pad is assembled forward of the base charge and there are two l-ounce pads forward of Increments 4 and 5. The igniter charge of the M3A1 is 3.5 ounces of clean burning igniter (CBI) in a red cloth bag sewn to the rear of the base section. The igniter charge of the M3 is 3 ounces of black powder. The seams of the base charge section are inverted on the M3A1 only so that the edges of the cloth are inside to reduce residue after firing.


The primer ignites the igniter pad, and the igniter charge, in turn, ignites the propellant charge. The burning propellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the barrel and to the velocity required to reach the target or function point. The flash reducer pads serve to limit breech flare-back as well as muzzle flash and blast overpressure.

Difference Between Models:

Model M3 does not include flash reducers. The igniter charge is 3 ounces of black powder instead of CBI. and the base seams are not inverted.

Tabulated Data:

Type------------------------ ------------ Green bag, separate loading

CĀ°lor ---------------------------------- Green w/black markings

Propellant ---------------------------- Ml (5.6 lb explsive)

Cannon used with-------------------- M1, M1A1, M45.

M126. M126A1, M185, M199

Shipping and Storage Data:

Storage compatibility group-------- C

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