Cartridge Millimeter Canister Te

Planograph Ammunition

Type Classification:

LP AMCTC 7875 dtd 1970.


This canister cartridge is fired from 57mm recoilless rifles for antipersonnel effect at close range.


The cartridge consists of a perforated metal cartridge case crimped to a cylindrical canister projectile. The cartridge case contains a polyethylene liner which is loosely filled with propellant and is equipped with a percussion primer. The primer ignition tube extends through the length of the propelling charge. The canister case is loaded with 154 or 176 stacked, cylindrical steel slugs. The thin steel case has four equally spaced slits extending from the nose to within 1/4 inch of a pre-engraved rotat ing band near the base. The canister is closed at the front by crimping and welding to a steel disk, and at the rear by a heavy steel base.


When the primer is struck by the firing pin of the weapon, flame from the primer black power ignites the propellant. The burning pro-pellant generates gases to propel the canister through the barrel, and spin is provided by the rotating band engaging the barrel rifling. Recoil is eliminated because the design of the cartridge case permits the controlled release of some gas pressure through apertures in the rifle breech-block. Breakup of this projectile is initiated by fracture at the body grooves under forces encountered in firing. The payload of steel slugs is dispersed by centrifugal action after breakup of the canister at the rifle muzzle. The slugs are thrown forward in a conical pattern.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Type --------------------------------- Antipersonnel



New ------------------------------- Olive drab w/white markings


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