Cartridge Millimeter He M

Type Classification:

Std MSR 01786006.


This cartridge is fired in the 60mm M224 mortar in the Lightweight Company System. It is used against troops (either in the open or in foxholes), light vehicles, light bunkers and similar targets.


The complete round consists of a projectile body, a multi-option fuze, a fin assembly four increments of propellant charge, ignition cartridge and obturating ring. The projectile body is of alloy steel and is threaded internally at the nose to accept the fuze and at the base to accept the fin assembly. The body is filled with Composition B high explosive.


When the cartridge is loaded, it slides down the mortar tube. The firing pin at the bottom of the tube initiates the primer. The flash from the primer ignites the ignition cartridge, which in turn ignites the propellant charge. Rapidly expanding gases from the burning propellant expand the obturating ring, accelerating the cartridge and propelling it in flight. Stabilization in flight is accomplished by aerodynamic and spin action of the fin assembly.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:


0.42 lb


Faze ---------------------------------- Multi-Option

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