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M49a2 Mortar Round Increments

Type Classification:

M49A3: Std AMCTC 6632, dtd 1969. M49A2: Std OTCM 37119, dtd 1959.

assembly. The body is filled with Composition B high explosive.



This cartridge is fired in 60mm mortars M2 or M19 for use against personnel and materiel, providing both fragmentation and blast effect.


The complete round consists of a projectile body a point-detonating fuze (staked), a fin assembly, four increments of propellant charge, an ignition cartridge, and a percussion primer. The projectile body is of pearlitic malleable iron (PMI), and is threaded internally at the nose to accept the fuze and at the base to accept the fin

When the cartridge is loaded, it slides down the mortar tube until the percussion primer in the ignition cartridge strikes the firing pin in the base cap of the mortar. The flash from the primer ignites the ignition cartridge, and the cartridge ignites the propellant charge. Rapidly expanding gases from the burning propellant expel the projectile from the mortar tube and propel it to the target. The projectile is fin-stabilized in flight. The point-detonating fuze functions on impact, detonating the fuze booster charge and, in turn, the high explosive charge. The high explosive charge shatters the projectile body, producing near optimum fragmentation and blast effect at the target.

Difference Between Models:

The projectile body of the M49A2 is of forged steel and is filled with flaked TNT.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Projectile: Body material:

Color -------------------------------- Olive drab w/yellow markings

Filler and weight:

0.42 lb


Fuze --------------------------------------- PD, M525

series PD, M717

Temperature Limits:



Lower limit-------------------------80°F (for period not more than 3 days) (-62.2°C)

Upper limit ------------------------ +160°F (for period not more than 4 hr/day) (+71.1°C)

*Packing: One round in fiber container, 10 containers in wooden box.

Dimensions ----------------------- 17-9/16 x 121/8 x 8-7/32 in. Cube --------------------------------- 1.3 cu ft

*NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data including NSN's.

Shipping and Storage Data:

Storage compatibility group — E

DOT designation ------------------- AMMUNITION FOR CANNON WITH

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