Cartridge Millimeter Hep Hept M Te

Type Classification Army Materiel
Type Classification:

Std OTCM 36841, dtd 1958.


This cartridge is used for both anti-tank and anti-personnel purposes.


The projectile is a thin walled steel cylinder with a relatively short ogive and a flat base. A gilding metal rotating band encircles the projectile slightly forward of the base. The base is fitted with a threaded adapter which accommodates a base detonating fuze which may or may not have an integral tracer, depending on the model. Rounds with tracers are classified as HEP-T. The projectile is loaded with 7.6 pounds of Composition A3. An M14 series cartridge case, containing a non-adjustable bagged charge of single granulation propellant, is loosefitted over the base of the projectile. A percussion primer is press fitted into the base of the cartridge case.


When the weapon is fired, the primer (a percussion type initiated by the firing pin) ignites the propelling charge. The burning pro-pellant creates gasses which force the spin stabilized projectile out of the gun tube and propels it to the target. (If the round is fitted with the

M91 fuze, the tracer is also ignited by the burning propellant and burns during the early stages of flight). On impact, the functioning of the fuze detonates the explosive.

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