Cartridge Millimeter Illuminating Ma Ma And Ma

Type Classification:

M83A3: Std AMCTC 8346, dtd 1971. M83A2&A1: C&T OTCM 37119, dtd 1959.


The illuminant assembly, which consists of a first-fire charge and an illuminant charge, is contained in a boxboard casing which is attached to the parachute with a suspension line. An expelling charge directly below the fuze, ejects the illuminant and parachute assembly.

This cartridge provides illumination for observation during night missions.


The complete round consists of a body tube, a tail cone assembly, an illuminant charge, a parachute assembly, a time fuze, a fin assembly with four increments of propellant charge, an ignition cartridge, and a percussion primer. The nose of the thin-walled steel body tube is fitted with a steel adapter, which is internally threaded to accept the fuze. The cone is fitted with an internally threaded adapter to accept the fin assembly and is attached to the body tube with four equally spaced shear pins.


When the cartridge is loaded, it slides down the mortar tube until the percussion primer in the ignition cartridge strikes the firing pin in the base cap of the mortar. The flash from the primer ignites the ignition cartridge. The cartridge ignites the propellant charge, and the gases from the propellant charge expel the projectile from the mortar tube and propel it to the desired height. The projectile is fin-stabilized in flight. The time fuze functions approximately 15 seconds after firing, detonating the expelling charge and igniting the first-fire charge through a length of quickmatch.

The expelling charge separates the cone from the tube allowing the parachute and illuminant assembly to fall free, The first-fire charge ignites the illuminant charge, and the parachute deploys to support the burning charge.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Type --------------------------------- Illuminating


Color -------------------------------- White w/black marking

0.49 lb

Illuminant charge:

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