Cartridge Millimeter Smoke Wp Ma And M

Mortar Projectile

Type Classification:

With WP Filler: CON 11756003.

With FS Filler: OBS OTCM 37196 dtd 1961.


This cartridge is used against personnel and materiel as an incendiary device and also to produce screening smoke.


The complete round consists of a projectile body with a burster assembly, a point-detonating fuze, a fin assembly a propellant charge, and an ignition cartridge with a percussion primer. The projectile body is of relatively thin-walled steel, and is filled with white phosphorous (WP) or a liquid smoke filler (FS). The base of the projectile is internally threaded to accept the fin assembly, and the nose is fitted with a steel adapter. The adapter is internally threaded to accept the fuze, and is designed to hold the burster assembly. The burster assembly is a thin-walled steel tube filled with tetryl and extends into the smoke charge.


When the cartridge is loaded, it slides down the mortar tube until the percussion primer in the ignition cartridge strikes the firing pin in the base cap of the mortar. The primer ignites the ignition cartridge, and the cartridge ignites the propellant charge. Rapidly expanding gases from the burning propellant expel the projectile from the tube with the velocity required to reach the target. The fuze functions on impact, detonating the burster charge which ruptures the projectile and disperses the chemical filler. Both WP and FS react spontaneously on contact with the air; WP ignites producing a dense white smoke and some incendiary effect, while FS, combining with the moisture in the air, creates a cloud-like smoke screen without burning.

Difference Between Models:

The M57 is fitted with the M4 fin assembly and the M57A1 uses the M4A1 assembly. These differ in minor manufacturing details only. Cartridges with liquid smoke filler (FS) are classified as obsolete.

Tabulated Data:

Complete Round:

Type Smoke

Weight --------------------------------------------------------------11.38 lb

Length --------------------------------------------------------------22.91 in.

Cannon used with ------------------------------M1, M29,

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