Cartridge Millimeter Training M

Type Classification:

Std OTCM 37119, dtd 1959.


This cartridge is used for training in the loading and firing of 60mm mortars M2 and M19.


Unlike other mortar ammunition, the components of this round are issued separately. This facilitates replacement of damaged, worn, or expended parts. The complete round consists of an inert projectile, a fin assembly, an ignition cartridge, and a percussion primer. The pear-shaped, cast iron projectile has no provision for a fuze and is internally threaded at the base to accept the fin assembly.


When the cartridge is loaded, it slides down the mortar tube until the percussion primer in the ignition cartridge strikes the firing pin in the base cap of the mortar. The primer detonates the ignition cartridge. Since this round is fired only at Charge 0, the gases from the ignition cartridge expel the projectile from the mortar tube and propel it to the target. The projectile is fin-stabilized in flight. Since the cartridge is inert, there is no detonation upon impact and the cartridge may be recovered for reuse.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:


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