Difference Between Models

Fuze M68A1 is slightly larger but lighter than Fuze M68; otherwise the fuzes are identical in design.

Fuze M68 contains primer No. 26.

Fuze M68A1 contains primer No. 31.

M68 tracer is press fit.

M68A1 tracer is threaded.

Tabulated Data: Temperature Limits:

Refer to complete round for upper and

Type------------------------------------BD lower limits.


M68A1----------------- 1.44 lb Explosive Components:

Length Overall Primer No. 26 (M68), No. 31 (M68A1),

M68A1 ------------------------------ 3.527 in. black powder delay pellet, Detonator M17,

M68 --------------------------------- 3.46 in. tetryl booster Charge, and Tracer Assembly M5.

Thread size ------------------------ 2.0 in.-1ONS-1

(LH) References:

Assembly Dwg. No.;

M68 series -------------------------- 73-2-181 TM 9-1300-251-20

M68a1 Rifle

Type Classification:

Std OTCM 37119 dtd 1959.

Base Detonating Fuzes M91 series are non-delay type used with HEAT-T cartridge in 105mm howitzers and with HEP cartridge in 106mm guns when tracer is required.

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