Dodac Ammo Example

Assembly Dwg. No.:

Temperature Limits:



Lower limit ----------------------- -80°F (for periods not more than 3 . days) Upper limit ------------------------ +160°F (for periods not more than 4 hr/day)

*Packing --------------------------- 2 propelling charges in container Ml4


*NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data including NSN's.

Preparation For Firing:

No preparation is required other than adjusting the charge according to the firing zone.


Increments of green bag charges may not be mixed with white bag increments.


SB 700-20 AMC-P 700-3-3 TM 9-1300-251-20 TM 9-1025-200-12&P TM 9-2350-311-10

Dodac Ammo Nsn

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