Fuze Proximity M

Deep Intrusion Fuze

Type Classification: STD 05766017,


armed after 400 calibers of air travel and remains armed throughout flight. The burst height is essentially optimum, regardless of projectile size of angle of fail.

Proximity Fuze M732 is designed for use on conventional, high-explosive ammunition: specifically, 105mm, 155mm, 175mm, and 8-inch artillery ammunition, and 4.2-inch mortar ammunition, with a standard 2-inch thread. Action may be either proximity air burst or impact, Arming is initiated by setback and completed by the spinning of the projectile. Fuze M732 has the same intrusion (2.2 inches as standard point detonating and mechanical time fuzes, and unlike other proximity fuzes, it does not require a deep-intrusion shell cavity.


Fuze M732 has a plastic nose cone fitted to a movable steel ring which rotates on a steel sleeve, The movable ring has an index mark for setting time. The fuze is shipped with the index mark alined with the PD line on the sleeve. The sleeve also has graduations from 5 to 150 which represent seconds of flight time to target.


Fuzes are set for anticipated time of flight (in seconds) to the target. When set at any value between 5 seconds and 150 seconds, proximity arming occurs approximately 3 seconds prior to the set time. If the fuze fails to function in the proximity mode, if will function on ground impact. The impact element becomes

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