Handle Carefully

Explosive Components:

Detonator M47, Relay M11 and Detonator XM87.


Firing over the heads of exposed friendly troops is prohibited.


TM 9-1000-205-12 TM 9-1300-251-20 SC 1340/98-1L SB 700-20

Safety Data Sheet Holder

Type Classification: Use:

Mechanical Time Fuze M711 is designed especially for use with flechette-loaded 90mm Cartridge M580.


The fuze consists of an aluminum head, a lower cap containing a timing movement, and a body containing a detonator holder and plug assembly, The rotatable lower cap is inscribed with range graduations from 200 to 4400 meters and an MA mark for muzzle action. The movement in the lower cap is a spring-driven clockwork mechanism combined with a muzzle-

action feature activated by setback and centrifugal force, and utilizing the same firing pin as the time mechanism. The detonator holder located in the fuze body above the closing plug contains Detonator XM87. Two overlapping weights between Relay Mll at the Upper end of the body and Detonator XM87 are moved by centrifugal force and constitute an interrupter-type safety provision.


Muzzle Action: Setback upon weapon firing causes the setback pins to move downward and allow centrif uga] force to move the weight above the timer, uncovering a notch in the timing disk. At the same time, centrifugal force moves aside the weights hetween Relay Ml 1

and Detonator XM87 in the base, With the notch in the timing disk uncovered, the firing arm slides inward and turns, permitting the spring-loaded firing pin to strike Detonator M47 and initiate the explosive train Detonation will occur immediately when the projectile leaves the muzzle.

Timed Action: Turning the lower cap to set the timmg simultaneously rotates the timing disk b means of a setting pin lodged in an upraised lug on the disk, Setback permits a hammer spring to strike the upraised lug, thus releasing the timing disk from the setting pin, Centrifugal force releases the timing movement. When the disk has turned the preset time, the disk notch engages the firing arm. The firing arm turns to allow the firing pin to strike the detonator as above, The fuze is designed to function for optimum payload dispersion for the range set. If preset for 200 to 500 meters, the fuze will function 100 meters short of the range set; if preset for 600 to 4400 meters, the fuze will function 75 meters short.

Tabulated Data:

Temperature Limits:



Lower limit------------------------80°F (for not more than 3 days)

Upper limit ------------------------ +160°F (for not more than 4 hr/day)

Packing ------------------------------ Fuze is shipped in assembly with complete round

Explosive Components:

Detonator M47, Relay M11, Detonator XM87.



Fuze minimum setback to function (g's) ------------------ 15,000

Fuze maximum setback withstood (g's)-------------------- 22,000

Fuze minimum spin for satisfactory functioning

Firing overhead of friendly exposed troops is prohibited. When firing muzzle action, assure that all personnel clear area in front of and immediately to sides of the weapon, and take cover.


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