Howitzer, Self-Propelled, M109A5, M109A6 (M284)****

•Firing below charge 3 may result in stickers when fired in M185 and M199 cannons (for M825 only).

••Firing tables for M825A1 are under preparation . For the M825 use FT 155-ADD-S-O-Q

"""•Refer to FT 155-ADD-Q-O for corrections to FT 155-AN-l for the M825/M825A1.

****Firing Tables are under preparation.

****Firing Tables are under preparation.

4, M3A1, green bag

5, M3A1, green bag

3, M4A2, white bag

4, M4A2, white bag

5, M4A2, white bag

6, M4A2, white bag

7, M4A2, white bag

8, M119/M119A1, white bag

7, M119A2, red bag from the M825/M825A1. Presence of the obturator is essential for proper firing.

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