Firing: Short rounds may occur when Cartridge

Lower limit------------------------40°F (-40°C) M2A1 is fired with fewer than seven incre-

Upper limit ------------------------ +125°F ments.

Storage: Store and transport WP rounds at tempera-

Lower limit-------------------------80°F (-62.2°C) tures below 111.4°F (melting point of WP). If

(for not more impractical, store rounds on bases, so that if than 3 days) WP melts it will resolidify with void space inner-

Upper limit ------------------------ +160°F mal position in the nose of the projectile.

(+71.1°C) (for Erratic performance may occur if voids exist not more than inside of WP filler. 4 hr/day)

**Packing ----------------------------- 1 round in References:

fiber container; 2 con- TM 9-1015-215-10 tainers in TM 9-1300-251-20 wooden box

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