Explosive, Comp AS, each grenade --------------------- 30.5 gm

Explosive, Comp A5, each projectile 481 lb

lant, 105 gm

lant 2.6 lb


M119A1,M119A2 M203, M203A1

Primer Percussion M82

(MK2A4 for M114A2 weapon only)

series ET, M762

Temperature Limits: Firing:

Upper limit ------------------------- 145oF (+62.5oC


Upper limit +160OF (+71OC)

*Packing -------------------------- Pallet projectiles


Dimensions ----------------------- 39-3/8x 29 x 14-1/2

*NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data including NSNs.

Shipping and Storage Data:

Hazard class/division and storage compatibility group----- (18) 1.2D

DOT class------------------------------ Class A explosive

DOT marking ------------------------EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILES

0 0

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