Dodic Ammunition List Spreadsheet

Preparation For Firing:

No preparation is required except adjustment of the charge according to the firing zone intended.


Erratic range results may be expected when firing M4 series charge in Zones 3 and 4, so Green Bag M3 series charge should be used for those zones when available.


SB 700-20 AMC-P 700-3-3 TM 9-1300-251-20 TM 9-1025-200-12&P TM 9-2350-311-10

Dodic Army Ammunition Spreadsheet

Type Classification:

M119 Std AMCTC 8204, dtd 1971.

M119A1 Std MSR 12776011.


This propelling charge is designated Zone 8 and extends the range of 155mm Howitzer M109A1, M109A2/A3, and M198.


Propelling Charge Ml19/Ml19Al is a single-increment white bag charge. A perforated igniter core tube extends through the center of the propellant. The 26-inch length of the charge precludes use in any other weapon than the long tube howitzer. The forward end is sheathed in lead foil and also carries a one pound flash reducer pad of potassium sulfate. A circular igniter pad of red cloth containing two ounces of clean burning igniter (CBI) is sewn to the base of the rayon propellant bag.


When the weapon is fired, the primer ignites the CBI in the igniter pad at the base of the propelling charge, The igniter flashes through the perforations in the igniter core tube to ignite the propellant. The burning pro-pellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the barrel and to the velocity required to reach the target. Blast overpressure and muzzle flash of the firing are reduced by the flash reducer included in the charge. The lead foil sheath serves to prevent copper build-up (coppering) in the weapon.

Difference Between Models:

The basic difference between the M119 and Ml 19A1 models is that the M 119A1 has a donut shaped flash reducer that precludes non-ignition of the rocket motor of the M549/M549Al Projectile, The M119A1 has a new tnolded center core igniter tube; a 360 degree basic igniter seam lacing jacket. A pull strap has also been added to the M119A1 charge that provides easier removal from the metal container. This pull strap must be removed from the charge before loading into the weapon tube.

Tabulated Data:

Ml 19 (M119A1) Charge:

Type --------------------------------- White bag, separate loading

Weight ------------------------------ 23 lb (10 kg)

Length ------------------------------ 26 in. (66 cm)

Color -------------------------------- White w/black markings

Performance (complete round):

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