90mm Ap-t T33e7

Low Pressure Cannon

Type Classification:

STD OTCM 36841 dtd 1958 (M318). STD OTCM 37119 dtd 1959 (M318A1).

tile out of the gun tube and ignite the tracer which burns for a minimum of three seconds of projectile flight. The projectile is designed to penetrate the target solely by kinetic energy.


This armor-piercing cartridge is for use in 90mm guns against armored materiel.


Difference Between Models:

See Tabulated Data. Tabulated Data:

The body of the projectile is made of hard- Complete round:

ened steel, has a flat base, and has a nose that M318

is shaped to a relatively short ogive. A light- (T33E7)

weight aluminum windshield is welded to the M318 or M318A1 projectile. The base of the projectile is threaded to receive a tracer. The cartridge case Type ------------------- AP-T AP-T

is loosely packed with propellant, and the base Weight ---------------- 43.98 lb 43.91 lb is fitted with a percussion primer. An igniter to Length ---------------- 37.43 in. 37.11 in.

assist uniform propellant ignition is fitted below the closing disk. Cannon used with -------------M36, M41 or

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