Projectile Inch Dummy M With Charge Propelling Dummy M

M106 Projectile Pictures

Type Classification:

Std OTCM 36841 dtd 1958.


Dummy Projectile M14 and Dummy Propelling Charge M4 are used together as a drill round to train troops in handling 8-inch ammunition and loading 8-inch howitzers.


The dummy projectile simulates the standard HE Projectile M106 in exterior shape, weight, and center of gravity. A spring-loaded plunger in the base loosens the projectile in the forcing cone of the barrel by rebound impact after ramming. A bronze rotating band encircles the steel body just forward of the boattail, and a bronze bourrelet is fitted just behind the nose cone. Dummy Propelling Charge M4 simulates white bag Service Charge M2. The dummy base charge and two increments are filled with wood blocks, weighted with lead to equal the weight of the service charge.


Both Dummy Projectile M14 and Dummy Propelling Charge M4 are inert and do not function. During ramming of the projectile, the internal plunger is driven forward against the plunger spring. On rebound, the plunger impacts the base to loosen the tight fit in the forcing cone resulting from ramming. The purpose of the mechanism is to ease the extraction of the projectile. Actual extraction is accomplished by manual pulling, using Extractor M7 from the breech of the weapon to engage the base of the projectile.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Type Inert


Projectile 200 lb

Prop. Charge 30 lb


Prop. Charge 25 in. max

Cannon used with M2, M2A1,

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