Projectile Inch He M

Type Classification:

Std AMCTC 2873 dtd 1964.

This projectile is used to deliver a concentration of antipersonnel grenades.


This projectile is of the separate loading type. The fuze, propelling charge, and primer are handled and loaded separately. The projectile is fitted with an eyebolt lifting plug in place of a fuze for handling. The plug must be replaced by a fuze before the projectile is loaded. The projectile contains 13 layers of grenades with 8 grenades in each layer. The grenades are contained by a base plug which is screwed into the base of the projectile. An expulsion charge is contained in the nose of the projectile and separated from the grenades by a usher plate. The metal rotating band near the base of the projectile is protected during storage and handling by a removable grommet.


When the primer is detonated, the flash ignites the propelling charge producing gases which force the spin-stabilized projectile out of the gun tube and propel it to the target. The fuze, set to function at a pre-determined time in flight, initiates the expulsion charge ejecting the entire grenade load from the rear of the projectile. Centrifugal force disperses the grenades radially from the projectile line-of-flight. The M43 grenade is an airburst submissive which is expelled from its housing on ground impact and projected upward to burst at 4 to 6 feet above the ground.

Tabulated Data:



yellow diamonds and markings

Filler and weight: Number of grenades

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