Projectile Millimeter Dummy M With Charge Propelling

Type Classification:

Std AMCTC 2819 dtd 1964.


Dummy Projectile M458 is used with Dummy Propelling Charge M98. Both components are inert and are used as a drill round to train troops in handling the ammunition and loading the weapon.


Dummy Projectile M458 simulates the projectile M437A2 or M437A1 in exterior shape, weight and center of gravity Dummy Propelling Charge M98 likewise simulates service propelling charge M86. The round is employed with Dummy Projectile Extractor M7 for removal of the dummy projectile after ramming, The extractor tool is an 18-foot, 8-inch aluminum pipe fitted with a hook at one end and handles at the other. The base of the dummy projectile contains a lubricated spring-loaded plunger to loosen the projectile in the forcing cone of the barrel after ramming, The projectile exterior is fitted with front and rear bands for engagement with the barrel rifling, and the front band is covered with a protective grommet to be removed before loading. The nose of the projectile has an inert supplementary charge, a spacer, and a threaded lifting plug in the fuze cavity. Dummy Propelling Charge M98 consists of 3 increments filled with wood blocks, weighted with lead to equal the weight of the service charge.


The complete round is inert and does not function. During ramming of the projectile, the internal plunger is driven forward against the plunger spring. On rebound, the plunger impacts the base to loosen the tight fit in the forcing cone which resulted from ramming. The purpose of the mechanism is to ease the extraction of the projectile. Actual extraction is accomplished by manual pulling, using Extractor M7 from the breech of the weapon to engage the base of the projectile.

Tabulated Data:




Material, M98 --------------------- Lead weighted, fabric covered wooden blocks

Primer ------------------------------ Expended service primer M82

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