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Aluminium Fuze Ammunition

Type Classification:

Std AMCTC 8416 dtd 1971.


This cartridge is fired from 106mm recoilless rifles to cause personnel casualties.


A perforated metal cartridge case is crimped to a projectile fitted at the nose with a fuze adapter, The propelling charge is contained within a plastic cartridge case liner. The base of the cartridge case contains a percussion primer with the igniter tube extending through the propelling charge. The projectile is loaded with 8 grain flechettes packed in separate bays, and also carries yellow dye marker in the two aft bays. The fuze adapter is equipped with four radially-spaced detonators for splitting the projectile. A fifth detonator with relay charge is installed for igniting an expelling charge in the base through a flash tube formed by the flechette bays. Two indexing buttons are provided on the forward bourrelet to facilitate indexing of the pre-engraved rotating band with the barrel rifling of the weapon. A tracer is threaded into the base of the projectile.


The primer ignites the propelling charge when struck by the firing pin of the rifle. The burning propellant ignites the tracer and generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the barrel. Spin is provided by the rotating band for stability in flight, and trajectory visibility is provided by the tracer. Recoil is eliminated by controlled escape of propellant gases to the rear through openings in the breechblock. The fuze commences arming immediately upon firing, and will function on muzzle action or range, according to the setting. When the fuze functions, the four radial detonators in the adapter rupture the shell case. Simultaneously the axial detonator and relay explode the expelling charge in the base. The combination of forward force and centrifugal force from rotation results in a conical forward dispersion of flechettes. The yellow dye marks the function point.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Type Antipersonnel

Weight 41.29 lb

Length 42.729 in.

Cannon used with M40A1


Body material Aluminum and steel


Old mfg. Black w/white markings

New mfg Olive drab w/yellow band and white markings

Filler and weight:

Flechettes 10.9 1b

Expelling charge M9,1.23oz flake propel-lant

Yellow dye 11 grams

Detonators (4) M86


Cartridge case M94B1

Propelling charge M26

Primer M57

Tracer M13

Temperature Limits: Firing:

Lower limit 40°F

Upper limit +125CF


Lower limit - 80°F (for periods not more than 3 days )

Upper limit + i60°F (for periods not more than 4 hr/day)

* Packing: 1 round fiber container; 2 containers in wooden box

* Packing box:

Weight 134 1b

Dimensions 49-5/8 x 13 x

*NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data including NSN's.

Shipping and Storage Data:

UNO serial number

Quantity-distance class

Storage compatibility group

DOT shipping class

DOT designation

DODAC Drawing number-


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