Fiber Container For M306a1

Type Classification:

M306A1 C & T OTCM 37119 dtd 1959. M306 C & T OTCM 37119 dtd 1959.


High Explosive Cartridge M306A1 is designed for blast, fragmentation and mining. The cartridge is used with Rifles M18A1 and M18.


HE Cartridge M306A1 consists of a perforated cartridge case containing a plastic liner and percussion primer. The propelling charge is loosely loaded into the liner. The cartridge case is crimped to a high-explosive projectile with a square base, a short internally threaded ogive and integral, pre-engraved rotating band. The projectile contains an explosive charge of Composition B or TNT. Projectiles are fuzed with point-detonating (PD) Fuze M503A2,

M503A1 or M503 which function on direct impact or graze. There is a bourrelet on the rear of the ogive and another immediately in front of the rotating band. The cartridge is spin-stabilized in flight.


The primer ignites the propellant when struck by the weapon firing pin, and the burning propellant generates gases to propel the projectile through the barrel. Recoil is eliminated because the design of the cartridge case permits controlled escape of some gas pressure through apertures in the rifle breech-block. The rotating band engages the rifling in the barrel to spin the projectile for stability in flight. The point-detonating fuze functions either on direct impact or graze. When the fuze functions, the firing pin strikes a detonator to initiate the explosive train in the fuze, and subsequently detonates the explosive charge producing blast and fragmentation.

Difference Between Models:

Cartridge HE, M306 is similar to Cartridge M306A1, differing principally in the design of the crimping groove.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Cannon used with Projectile:

Filler and weight


Cartridge case --Propelling charge Primer -------------

Performance: Maximum range Muzzle velocity -Temperature Limits: Firing:


Lower limit-------------------------80°F (for not more than 3


Upper limit ------------------------ +160°F (for not more than 4 hr/day)

*Packing ------------------------------- 1 round in fiber container; 6 fiber container in wooden box

*'NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data inducting NSN's.

Shipping and Storage Data:

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