Seal Safety And Armingoring


Fuze Recoilless Rifle

Type Classification:

Std MSR 05826003.


Fuze, Proximity: M766 is used with Sergeant York Cartridge, HE, M822 for 40mm gun M247, It is used primarily against aerial targets.


The M766 Proximity Fuze is an electronic fuze that operates on the Doppler principle, It contains a combination of electronic and mechanical devices that provide a safe and reliable air defense munition, The electronic head of the fuze provides both safety and detonation. A mechanical safe and arm device (MS470 S&A) provides bore safety and maintains out-of-line safety until a safe arm distance is achieved. Electrical arming, which occurs well after muzzle exit, prevents an early ignition signal to the initiator. After electrical arming, the presence of a target that effects the proximity function will result in a firing signal output. The fuze also contains sensitive impact switches that provide fuze function on impact, and an electronic self-destruct feature that results in detonation

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