Shaped He Charge

57mm Heat M307a1
AR ¡99774-A

Type Classification:

Cont OTCM 37119 dtd 1959.


This cartridge is employed against armored targets and used with 57mm Rifles M18 and M18A1.


HEAT Cartridge M307A1 includes a perforated metal cartridge case containing a plastic liner and a percussion primer and is crimped to the projectile just behind the pre-engraved rotating band of the projectile. The projectile forward cap is threaded to receive a point detonating fuze. A hemispherical copper liner crimped to the interior of the projectile forms a shaped charge to the rear and space forward to provide the standoff necessary for penetration. A steel sleeve brazed to the neck of the copper liner provides a passage from the fuze to a booster pellet in the base of the projectile. The booster pellet extends into the high explosive charge.


The primer ignites the propellant when struck by the weapon firing pin, and the burning propellant generates gases to propel the projectile through the barrel. Recoil is eliminated because the design of the cartridge case permits controlled release of some gas pressure through apertures in the rifle breech-block. The rotating band engages the barrel rifling to spin the projectile. The fuze functions upon impact and fires through the steel sleeve to the booster pellet. Detonation of the explosive charge collapses the copper liner and creates a focussed, high velocity shock wave containing a jet of metal particles that penetrates the interior of the target.

Difference Between Models:

M307 uses a paper-lined Cartridge Case M30 and Percussion Primer M46.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:

Filler and weight



Temperature Limits:


Upper limit


*Packing Box:

Forged steel Weight ------------------------------ 51.51 lb

Olive drab Dimensions ----------------------- 23 x 10-7/16 x w/yellow 8-11/32 in.

marking Cube ---------------------------------1.2 cu ft

50 Pentolite- *NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition

0.40 lb Catalog for complete packing data including

Integral (tetryl)

Shipping and Storage Data:

M30A1 or

PI, M90, or DOT designa ------------------------- AMMUNI-


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