Supplementary Charges

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The purpose of a supplementary charge is to aid in the detonation of the explosive filler upon activation of the fuze.


Supplementary charges are placed in the fuze well of all HE deep cavity howitzer rounds from 75mm to 8-Inch; in the 175mm Field Gun and in the 4.2 inch mortar projectiles They are removed from the deep cavity when proximity fuzes with the extra large (long) booster or expelling charge, i.e., the M5l3, M514 Series and M728 but not the M732 or other proximity fuzes with the normal size boaster. Supplementary charges are composed of approxi mately .30 lb of TNT pellets packed into an aluminum body cup. Supplementary charges are factory loaded into the HE rounds.


When the fuze mechanism detonates the booster charge this activates the supplementary charges which aids in the detonations of the explosive charge of the round.

Tabulated Data:

Weight--------------------------------- 0,30 lb approx

Length --------------------------------- 2.49-0,04 in.

Filler-----------------------------------TNT, 0.30 lb approx

Body ------------------------------------ Aluminum cup

Temperature Limits:



Lower limit -------------------------65°F(-53.8°C)

(for period not more than 3 days)


144/Barrier bag 1 Barrier bag/wood box

National Stock No. ---------------- NSN 1370-00824-0811


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