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Fuze Mtsq M582a1

Type Classification.'

M582 Standard A, MSR 05736060 March 73. M582A1 Standard A, MSR 06846012 June 84. M582 Standard B, MSR 06846012 June 84.


Mechanical Time and Superquick (MTSQ) Fuze M582A1/M582 is used with the 105mm howitzer conventional cartridges HE, M 1; HERA, M548; and WP Smoke M60 series. It is used with the 155mm howitzer projectiles HE, M107; HERA, M549/M549A1; and both the M110 Agent and WP Smoke. It is also used with the 8-inch projectiles HE, M 106 and HERA, M650.


The fuze contains a mechanical clockwork timing mechanism that can be set to function at any time from 2 to 200 seconds. The fuze is set with M35 fuze setter or flat screwdriver. The setting key is at the nose of the fuze, and the time to beset is viewed on three dials through a window in the side of the ogive. The dial closest to the nose indicates hundreds of seconds, or a triangle for a non-time setting. The second dial indicated tens of seconds, and the third dial indicates seconds and tenths of seconds. All settings are made by reference to a hairline visible through the window. The M582 series MTSQ fuze is the same as the M577 series fuze except that it contains a Composition A5 booster pellet and cap.

The timing mechanism and point detonating element are contained in the ogival nose section of the M582. The M582A1 does not contain the point detonating element, but rather utilizes the safe separation assembly as an iner-tial element to initiate impact function. On impact, the safe separation assembly slides forward and the detonator in the rotor is stabbed by the firing pin in the trigger mechanism. The safe separation device and trigger are contained in the fuze body. The timing mechanism and safe separation assembly are prevented from operating before adequate projectile spin is attained by centrifugally operated lock pins, and the centrifugal detents are further restrained by setback pins. The safety and arming mechanism includes a spin-activated rotor to block the detonation train prior to arming. Movement of the arming mechanism is interlocked by a scroll follower in the timing mechanism which also restrains the firing pin.

The M582 fuze has an aluminum ogive with an anodized black coating and a steel lower body. The M582A1 fuze has a zinc ogive, Earlier manufactured A1 fuzes have black paint coated ogives while later manufactured A1 fuzes have chromate finished (gold color) ogives. The M582A1 ogive also has different wrench slots though the same wrench is used. The lower body is aluminum with chromate coating.


Setback and centrifugal forces from weapon firing acting on spring, lock, and spin detents allow the fuze to arm and function at its preset time or if the setting is point detonating, on impact with the target. The safe separation device is designed to provide the safety and arming features of the fuze. A rotor, which carries a detonator, is held out of line with respect to the firing pin by two spin detents, and further restrained by the interlock in the trigger. A properly sequence firing environment (setback and spin) will actuate the interlock and detents allowing the rotor to rotate to the inline (ARMED) position. When the setting is point detonating (< 98) or for a time less than 4 seconds, the rotor is released almost immediately. However, when set for a longer time the rotor is not released by the interlock until approximately 3 seconds before the set time, thus providing overhead safety (because of this delay, when the fuze is set for airburst and the projectile impacts before the time setting, the fuze may not function). Motion of the rotor is controlled by a runaway escapement with its arming distance dependent on the subjected spin rate. Spin rate is a function of the characteristics of the weapon/propelling charge com-bin-ation.

A difference in functioning must be noted in the point detonating made between the M582A1 and the M582. On impact, a point detonating element in the nose initiates the explosive train of the M582 fuze. For the M582A1 fuze, on impact the safe separation device will shale forward and the rotor detonator will be stabbed by the firing pin in the trigger mechanism to activate the explosive train of the fuze.

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