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Description: ling charge gets ignited accidentally and thus it prevents the cargo from being expelled at the

Lifting plug universal has an oversized base of the projectile. flange size 3.80-inches (9.65 cm), to protect the projectile fuze area against accidental damage. Material--------------------------------Malleable Iron

If this lifting plug is broken at the neck area, the threaded portion of the plug will remain in M3210

the projectile and the projectile cannot be Drawing Number ------------------- 9345325

fuzed. No attempt should be made to extract NON------------------------------------- 1320-01-220-

any portion of a broken plug from a projectile; 2166

the projectile is not to be used and should be Filler, Packing, Preformed returned to supply point. In addition, the cav- (Gasket)----------------------------- 1320-01-272-

ity in the neck area is filled with an eutectic 0971

alloy to permit pressure venting in case expel-

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