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This charge is a component of Smoke Cartridge M328A1, High Explosive Cartridge M329A1, Illuminating Cartridges M335A1 and M335A2 and Tactical CS Cartridge M630.


A full charge consists of 36 increments of M8 sheet propellant and a doughnut-shaped bag of M9 flake propellant arranged in the following order: one bag charge, three 5 increment bundles, five single increments, two 1/2 increments, and three 5 increment bundles. This full charge is assembled on the cartridge as issued. Individual increments or bundles may be removed as required for fire adjustment as indicated in the appropriate firing charts, but the bag charge will not be removed at any time. Two wire holders are used to secure the increments to the cartridge container and extension, Removal of the extension when firing at reduced charge does not require relocation of the ignition cartridge.


The flash from the detonation of the Ignition Cartridge M2A1 or M2A2 passes through the vents in the cartridge container, providing direct ignition of the propelling charge.

Tabulated Data:

Type propellant

Weight (full charge)

Used with ignition cartridge — Drawing number

M8 and M9 0.60 lb M2A1, M2A2 8863617


The bag charge of M9 propellant will not be removed at any time. When firing at a charge below 25-1/2 increments, remove the cartridge container extension. The ignition cartridge does not require repositioning.


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