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Type Classification:

Standard AMCTC 7622 dtd 1970.


Propelling charge M124 is used with gun cannons Ml13 and M113A1 for firing in Zone 1 only.


Charge M124 is a single increment, green bag charge, approximately 16 inches long. The charge contains approximately 17 pounds of Propellant M6 in an acrylic viscose-rayon bag. An igniter pad containing 8 ounces of black powder is attached to the base of the charge, An igniter protector cap covers the igniter pad during shipment and storage. Percussion primer M82 is used to ignite the charge. The charge must be used with a non-integral, separately issued spacer. The spacer is a cruciform fabricated from polyurethane and approximately 33 inches long.


The flash of the black powder charge from percussion primer M82 ignites the igniter pad and the black powder core to ignite in turn the M6 propellant charge, The burning propellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the barrel with the velocity required to reach the target. The cloth material is essentially consumed by the burning. (The spacer is inserted into the weapon chamber prior to the charge and serves to prevent fallback of the projectile on top of the propelling charge.)

Tabulated Data:

Charge, Propelling M124:

Type Green bag

Length 16 in.


Composition M6

Grain type 7 perforated;

Weight 17 lb

Igniter 8 oz black powder base pad

Primer M82

Cannon used with Ml 13,

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