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Sauer Sohn M13

Type Classification:

Std-MSR 06786019.


This cartridge is a fixed high-explosive antitank round for utilization with 105mm howitzers for an expanded capability in a direct-fire mode against armor and hard targets.


The projectile configuration is that of a steel body cylinder having a plastic obturating band and M509A1 point initiating base detonating (PIBD) fuze with a standoff spike assembly threaded to the front and a tin and boom assembly threaded to the rear. The loading of the projectile consists of a Comp B shaped charge formed by a funnel-shaped copper liner within the body A piezoelectric element is fitted to the spike assembly and connected to the M509A1 PIBD fuze in the body. The fin assembly is threaded to receive an M13 tracer assembly. The cartridge is of the fixed type, i.e., the M201 cartridge case is crimped to the projectile and requires a minimum bullet pull of 3,000 pounds.

The cartridge case is of the two-piece spiral design and contains an M1OO MOD percus sion primer, an igniter pad and 57 ounces of M30 propellant.


Impact of the weapon firing pin ignites the percussion primer resulting in ignition of the igniter pad and M30 propellant producing a rapid expansion of propellant gas which propels the projectile out of the weapon tube. The projectile is tin stabilized in flight with only a minimal spin imparted to the projectile when the plastic obturator engages the weapon tube rifling. The hot propellant gases also ignite the tracer which burns for a minimum of 2.5 sec and provides visual observance of the projectile trajectory. On impact, fuze functioning detonates the explosive filler, causing collapse and inversion of the copper cone, creating a high velocity focused shock wave and jet of metal particles with which to penetrate the target.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round:


Color ----------------------------------- Black w/yellow markings



Temperature Limits:



(for periods not exceeding 3 days)

*Packing ------------------------ 1 round per fiber container 2 fiber containers per wooden box

*Packing Box:

Dimensions ---------------------- 38-1/8 x 12 x 721/32 in.

*NOTE: See DOD Consolidated Ammunition Catalog for complete packing data including NSN's.

Shipping and Storage Data:

Storage compatibility group --- E

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