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Subcaliber 40mm Launcher For 155mm
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Std AMCTC 5726 dtd 1967.


Point Detonating Fuze M557 is a selective superquick or 0.05 second delay impact fuze designed for use in ammunition for guns of 75mm through 155mm, for rifles of 75mm and 105mm, for howitzers of 75mm through 8-inch, and for 4.2-inch mortars.


The M557 fuze consists of Fuze M48A3 assembled with the M125A1 booster. The fuze PD head assembly contains a firing pin held in position by a firing pin support which prevents initiation of Detonator M24 until impact. The fuze body contains an M1 delay plunger assembly and an interrupter assembly with a setting sleeve which provides a means of setting or selecting fuze PD (Super Quick Action) or delay functioning. The delay plunger assembly includes a firing pin and Delay Element M2. The delay element includes Primer M54, a black powder delay charge and Relay M7. The head assembly is attached to the body by means of the flash tube which also positions the fuze windshield or ogive. The ogive is a thin-walled steel stamping utilized to provide an aerodynamic shape to the fuze. The M125A1 booster consists of a brass booster body having external (male) threads to fit projectiles having 2-inch diameter, 12 threads per inch and internal (female) threads to receive fuzes having 1.7-inch diameter, 14 threads per inch. An aluminum booster cup containing a 340 grains tetryl booster pellet is threaded to the booster body. The M125A1 booster internal configuration is that of an eccentric rotor containing an M17 detonator held in an unarmed (out of line) position by centrifugal detents and a gear train mechanism which provides for delayed arming of the booster assembly for approximately 200

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