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PROJECTILE, 8-INCH: AGENT, GB (non-persistent) AND VX (persistent), M426

PROJECTILE, 8-INCH: AGENT, GB (non-persistent) AND VX (persistent), M426

M426 Projectile

Type Classification:

Std OTCM 37836 dtd 1961.


Projectile M426 is used in 8-inch howitzer cannons to deliver and disperse casualty producing agents. When filled with VX agent, the projectile is also used to contaminate habitable areas and thus deny such areas to the enemy,


The projectile is a hollow steel forging, bal-listically similar to the standard HE projectile M106. A tubular burster casing of this metal, containing a Composition B burster, occupies the center of the shell and seals in the agent. The remainder of the interior space is filled with 14.5 pounds of liquefied GB nonpersistent, or VX persistent gas, A threaded steel adapter provides a receptacle for a point-detonating or proximity fuze. For shipment and handling, an eyebolt lifting plug is installed in the fuze cavity of the adapter. A rotating band of gilding metal encircles the casing near the rear, and is protected by a grommet.


Ignition of the primer by the breech firing pin results in ignition of the propelling charge. The burning propellant generates rapidly expanding gases to propel the projectile through the cannon barrel at the velocity required to reach the target. The rotating band of soft gilding metal is incised by the barrel rifling and imparts a high rate of spin to the projectile. The snug fit of the rotating band also serves to prevent escape of gas pressure past the projectile. The spin insures stable flight of the projectile. When a point-detonating fuse is employed, impact causes the fuse to detonate the supplementary charge and the supplementary charge detonates the burster tube. The burster ruptures the shell case, releasing the agent. The liquified agent expands to a gaseous state by heating from the burster charge. If a proximity fuse is fitted, action on the burster tube is direct from the booster element of the fuze, and projectile rupture occurs on approach to the target.

Tabulated Data:

Complete round: Type GB or VX

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