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M413 Projectile

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To provide improved antipersonnel capability when loaded in 105mm cartridge, M413.


The grenade M35 is a ground burst munition consisting essentially of a steel ball with an aluminum skirt and a point-detonating grenade fuze and striker in the nose. Two nylon ribbon streamers, attached to the inside of the aluminum skirt, orients and drag-stabilizes the grenade in flight. The steel ball is filled with 28 grams of Composition B.

Three grenades in the layer next to the base plug of the M413 projectile contain a yellow dye which acts as a spotting charge. The dye is in polyethylene bags secured by a polyethylene cup which is located beneath the ribbon streamers.

The fragmenting portion of the grenade body consists of a steel sphere filled with Composition B, a booster retainer, felt pad and booster pellet. The inner surfaces of the sphere have been embossed in such a manner that upon detonation, it bursts uniformly into fragments of optimum effectiveness.


Standard B.

Tabulated Data:

Comp B


When each grenade M35 is expelled from the projectile body, the grenade fuze pulls free of the safety. wire which is attac'heel to the spacer plate.

This starts a mechanical action within the grenade fuze which alines the explosive train.

The aluminum skirt of the grenade contains two streamer ribbons which unf'url when the grenade is in free flight. These ribbons drag-stabilize and orient the grenade with the point detonating grenade fuze and striker downward.

When the striker impacts, the grenades detonate. The yellow dye, which was contained in three grenades, is visible for two miles on a clear day


Grenade - XP94930


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