M188a1 Powder Charge

Aft 102093.A

Type Classification:

Std MSR 08756016.


The 8-inch M188A1 separate-loading propelling charge provides extended range (zones 8 and 9) in the 8-inch: Ml 10A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer.


The M188A1 is a two increment (zones 8 and 9) white-bag charge, 32 inches long by 8 inches in diameter, The charge weiahs pounds and contains 48 pounds of high-energy propellant M31A1. A base igniter pad, containing 1 ounce of black powder, is attached to the base of the charge by a 360 degree seam, An igniter core extends through the center of the charge for almost its entire length. This center core consists of a molded nitrocellulose tube 1.4 inches in diameter, containing a 5 ounce bag of class 1 black powder which is sewn to the igniter pad at the base of the charge.

An additive to reduce gun tube wear lines the increment 9 charge bag. This liner consists of cloth which is impregnated with a composition of titanium dioxide and paraffin wax. The increment 8 charge bag is lined with lead foil for decoppering. A 26-inch long lacing jacket is positioned around the increment 8 charge bag to increase the structural stability of the charge. Four tie straps, sewed to the base of the increment 8 charge bag, run the length of the two increment charges and are tied with inter] apping square knots at the forward end of increment 9. A paper igniter protector cap is placed over the igniter pad at the base of the charge when it is packed for shipment. This igniter protector cap must be removed before firing.

During storage the cloth bag develops a yellow discoloration, This condition is not classified as a defect and all such charges are considered safe to fire.


The flash from the black powder in percussion primer M82 ignites the igniter pad at the base of the charge, The burning igniter pad in turn ignites the black powder in the igniter core to spread ignition to the propelling charge, Rapidly expanding gases from the burning charge propel the projectile through the barrel of the weapon with enough velocity to reach the target.

Tabulated Data:

propelling Charge: Type --------------------------------- Separate loaded Propelling charge, white

Model uLi

Length 32.0 in.


Composition M31A1 (48.0


Increment 8 42 lb (19.05


Center Core 5 oz BP (141.7

Weight of Liner 4oz(113.4g)

Primer M82

Cannon used w/ M201A1

Muzzle Velocity (Zone 8) 2330

Muzzle Velocity (Zone 9) 2530

Chamber pressure (Zone 8)

32,000 psi


Chamber pressure (Zone 9)

39,600 psi


Temperature Limits:



Packing 1 charge per metal container; 20 containers per pallet

Container: PA66


Weight 1730 1b

Shipping and Storage Data:

Storage class/SCG 1.3 C

DOT shipping class B

DOT designation PROPELLANT

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