Assembly Dwg No.----------------------------------12972405


Primer------------------------------ M82 or Laser Ignition System

Performance-------------------------- Charges 3, 4 and 5

in the 39 cal. tube length cannon. Charges 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the 56 cal. tube length cannon

Temperature Limits:


Upper limit------------------------ +120°F (+49°C)


Upper limit------------------------ +145°F (-63°C)


Five M232 increments per plastic extraction sleeve. One plastic extraction sleeves per PA103E2 metal ammunition can.


Do not load or fire less than three M232 charges per shot.

Do not load or fire more than five M232 charges ina 39 caliber tube length cannon.

Do not load or fire more than six M232 charges ina 56 caliber tube length cannon.

Do not load or fire M231 charges in combination with M232 charges.


TM 9-1025-211-10 TM 9-1300-251-20&P TM 9-1300-251-34&P TM 9-2350-311-10 TM 9-2350-314-10

Table And M2a1 Weapon Data

Type Classification: Use:

This charge is a component of Smoke Cartridges M2 and M2A1, Gas Cartridges M2 and M2A1, and High Explosive Cartridges M3 and M3A1.


A full charge consists of 25-1/2 increments of M8 sheet propellant arranged in the following order: one 1/2 increment, four 5 increment bundles, and five single increments. This full charge is assembled on the cartridge as issued. Individual increments or bundles may be removed as required for fire adjustment as indicated in the appropriate firing tables. The method of securing the increments to the cartridge container varies among the cartridges, but each method involves the use of a wire pro-pellant holder in front of or behind the increments.


The flash from the detonation of Ignition Cartridge M2 passes through the vents in the cartridge container, providing direct ignition of the propelling charge.

Tabulated Data:

Type propellant ------------------------------------------M8

Weight (full charge ) ------------------------------0.60 lb

Used with ignition cartridge — M2

Drawing number ----------------------------------------71-12-27


To avoid excessive pressure which could result in damage to materiel and injury to personnel, charges must be fired at or above the following temperatures:

When using Cartridges M2, M2Al, M3, M3A1, M328, M329B1 and M335 assembled without cartridge container extensions.


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