Care Handling and Preservation

a. General. Small-arms ammunition is comparatively safe to handle. It is packed to withstand transportation, handling and storage conditions normally encountered in the field. However, consideration should be given to the general information on care, handling and preservation of ammu

Figure 3-18. Cartridges in 20-round cartons in ammunition box.

nition outlined in chapter 1 and in TM 9-1300-206. In addition:

b. Special Precautions.

(1) Never use oil or grease on small-arms cartridges. Oil or grease might produce excessive and hazardous chamber pressures in weapons when fired and cause damaging abrasives to collect in automatic weapons.

(2) Whenever practicable, store small-arms ammunition under cover. This applies particularly to tracer and shotgun ammunition.

(3) Segregate stored ammunition by caliber, type and ammunition lot.

(4) When only partial boxes of ammunition are issued or contents are not used, protect ammunition remaining in box by firmly fastening cover.

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