a. General.

(1) Replaceable cartridges are used in aircraft stores ejectors (fig. 13-5), parachute cargo releases, aircraft fire extinguishers (fig. 13-6), parachute drogue guns, and cable cutters (fig. 3-7).

(2) Cartridges are also used in reefing line cutters (aircraft seat catapults), and parachute ejectors. In these applications, however, the cartridges are handled only at depot level.

(3) The size and form of cartridges vary broadly. Differences depend on the amount of propellant required, method of firing, and mounting arrangement.

(4) Commercial cartridges are identified by a variety of names, depending on the internal design and intended use. Some examples of commercial names follow: squib, dual squib, initiator, cutter cartridge, fire extinguisher cartridge, primary cartridge, secondary cartridge, and explosive cartridge.

mu-d 2326 Figure 13-4. Parachute ejector.

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