Explosive Destructors

a. General. Explosive destructors are used to adapt ammunition and other explosive material, which cannot be reliably detonated by special blasting caps, for use in demolition work, boobytraps and improvised mines. Explosive destructors are also used to destroy deteriorated or abandoned ammunition.

(1) Universal explosive destructor. The universal explosive destructor (fig. 8-11) is a high explosive charge initiated by means of blasting caps or mine actuators and standard firing devices. The destructor is essentially an adapter booster with a threaded bushing that will fit in 1.5-, and 1.7-, and 2-inch standard, right-hand threaded fuze cavities. It is used in preparing loaded projectiles and bombs as improvised mines, boobytraps and demolition charges. It is also used by disposal units to destroy deteriorated or abandoned ammunition. The destructor is composed of

Explosive Ammo Rounds Gta
Figure 8-10. 15-Second delay percussion detonator
Universal Destructor Fuze Well Detonator
Figure 8-11. Universal explosive destructor 8-9

a plastic closing plug, standard priming adapter, blasting cap bushing, activator bushing, two booster cups (containing tetryl pellets) and an ammunition bushing. Booster cavities of bombs large projectiles should be filled completely by adding booster caps to the destructor, as required.

(2) Explosive destructor. The explosive destructor (fig. 8-12) consists of an explosive-filled, cylindrical body with a removable ogive. The ogive may be removed and discarded if not needed for a particular operation. This destructor is primed with a delay detonator, a delay firing device with special blasting cap, a nonelectric special blasting cap initiated with time blasting fuse or detonating cord, or an electric special blasting cap. The cap well, on each end of the body, is threaded to accept firing device coupling bases or priming adapters.

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