Figure Hermetically sealed container for proximity fuze

c. Large ground-to-ground rockets are shipped unassembled, with the motor (fig. 5-4) and the warhead (fig. 5-5) packed separately.

d. Certain PD fuzes are assembled to rockets. Others are packed separately in hermetically sealed containers or wooden boxes. Some proximity fuzes are packed in hermetically sealed containers (fig. 5-6), overpacked in metal (fig. 5-7) or wooden (fig. 5-8) packing boxes; others are packed in the same container with the assembled motor and warhead, but are not assembled to the warhead.

e. Complete packing and shipping data are published in SC 1340/IL.

Figure 5-7. Metal container for proximity fuze. Figure 5-8. Wooden packing box for proximity fuze.

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