Figure Mine dispersing subsystem M dispenser DISP control panel

e. Firing.

(1) The subsystem is fired by depressing the FIRE button of the control panel (fig. 11-7). The firing sequence will continue until the quantity of mines selected have been ejected from the subsystem. After the FIRE button is depressed, the firing sequence may be terminated by resetting the SAFE-STBY-ARM switch to the STBY (standby) position. When the switch is again set in the ARM position and the FIRE button is again depressed, a new firing sequence is initiated.

(2) The electrical impulse from the dispenser control panel and through the intervalometer, initiates the ejection charge in each canister assembly. Gases from the ejection charge apply an expelling force to the obturator which forces the mines from the canister and the subsystem. As the leave the canister, the bore rider pin in each mine is released, freeing the mechanical component of the mine fuze to start the arming sequence upon impact with the ground. When the mines are free of the canister, the fins open, causing mine separation and orientation of the mine for controlled impact with the ground.

(3) The mine has a self-destruct capability.

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