Gas Charge

Figure 4-16. Burster charge ord 01689

Figure 4-16. Burster charge through a resistance wire in the ignition mixture or a conductive primer mixture embedded in the primer. The electric primer is distinguished by the black insulation that surrounds it in the head of the cartridge case

(2) Percussion. This type of primer (fig. P14) is fired by a blow of the firing pin. Percussion primers used in fixed, semifixed and separated artillery ammunition contain sufficient black powder to ignite the propellant in the cartridge



Figure 4-17. Booster charge. 4-17

case. Those used with separate-loading propelling charges contain only enough black powder to ignite the igniter charge attached to the propelling charge.

(3) Percussion-electric. This type of primer (fig. 4-15), fired either electrically or by the blow of a firing pin, is used with separate-loading rounds.

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