The Mine Dispersing Subsystem, Aircraft: M56 (fig. 112), consists of bomb (mine) dispenser SUU-13 D/A and a payload of antitank/antivehicular mines in canisters (fig. 11-3). Mine batteries, which are stored in a refrigerator and which are inserted prior to flight, are shipped separately. The rectangular shaped, electrically-fired sub-system is externally installed on UH-1H aircraft (fig. 11-4). A pallet is attached to the underside of the subsystem for handling and safety purposes. Initially, the subsystem is issued completely loaded with mines and is packed one per reusable shipping and storage container CNU79/E (fig. 11-5). Loaded replacement mine canisters (40 to a container) are shipped and stored in mine canister shipping and storage container M602 (fig. 11-6). Both containers are sealed and desiccated.

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