(1) Factors of design include luminous intensity (candlepower); color (hue and degree of color saturation); and degree of separation of a composite signal.

(2) Factors of position include height at which the flare or signal functions; distance of observer from signal; distance of flare from object to be illuminated; background; and relative position of flare, object and observer.

(3) Natural conditions of light and atmosphere are influenced by degree of natural illumination; color and brightness of the sky; and clarity of the atmosphere as affected by presence of haze, fog, dust, smoke, rain or snow.

b. A table of pyrotechnical data pertaining to specific items is published in TM 9-1370-203-20&P Tables of factors, including candlepower of specific items and optimum height, area illuminated, and distance for pyrotechnics suitable for battlefield illumination, are published in pertinent field manuals. Table 9-1 shows candlepower of various types.

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