(5) Some of these devices are included in Federal Stock Class 1377, while others carry the class of the equipment with which they are associated. For example, an aircraft stores ejector may be classed as an air frame structure, but the cartridge is classed as a propellant actuated device.

b. Types. All cartridges are divided into two general categories: impulse cartridges and delay cartridges. Both types are actually impulse generating devices but the word, delay, indicates that ignition takes place some time after the primer is set off.

(1) Delay cartridges are designed with specific delay times for specific purposes. Delay times range from less than a second to about 20 seconds. Manufacturing tolerances allow a variation in actual delay times of about 20 percent. For example, a delay cartridge labeled as a 1-second delay will have an actual delay time ranging between 0.8 second and 1.2 seconds.

(2) An impulse cartridge will fire almost instantaneously with activation of the primer.

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