Figure 13-6 Fire extinguisher cartridges.

c. Priming Methods.

(1) Percussion. Some cartridges are fired by mechanical means. In this case, the primer is a percussion primer, which must be struck to fire. A familiar example of use of a percussion primer is in ammunition for the service rifle.

(2) Electrical. Some cartridges are fired by passing electrical current through the primer. In this case, the primer is heat sensitive rather than percussion sensitive.

d. Applications. Removable and replaceable cartridges are used in stores ejectors (fig. 13-5), extinguishers (fig. 13-6), cutters (fig. 13-7), aircraft seat catapults (fig. 13-8), training catapults (fig. 13-9), cargo parachute releases (fig. 13-10), towline rockets and power tools.

Figure 13-7. Cable cutter cartridges.

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