Ord D

made by the enemy to remove the mine. In the case of heavy service or practice AT mines, a secondary fuze consists of a firing device (para 7-9) and the appropriate activator (fig. 7-7). In the case of a light service or practice AT mine, a secondary fuze consists of a firing device fitted with a non-electric blasting cap. Secondary fuzes may be fitted to an AT mine or to another mine or explosive charge laid beneath or beside it. Mines or charges and firing devices in such an arrangement are connected by wires and so laid as to avoid detection. Thus, attempted removal by an unsuspecting enemy causes the whole arrangement to explode.

b. Improvisation. All types of land mines are subject to a variety of improvised uses: in combination with each other; with all types of explosive charges and firing devices; with bombs or artillery projectiles or with dummy mines.



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