Packing and Identification Marking

a. Packing. Containers and methods for packing military small-arms ammunition are specified in drawings, specifications or, as required, in the procurement contract. Military containers presently being manufactured have been limited to a few standard types designed to withstand all conditions commonly encountered in handling, storage and transportation of ammunition. Military cartridges, except 20-mm, are packed in metallic ammunition boxes, overpacked in wooden wire-bound crates. Twenty millimeter cartridges are packed in ammunition boxes only. When commercial cartridges are not packed in a military pack, they are packed in accordance with standard commercial practices. For detailed description of the variety of packings, refer to SC 1305/30-IL.

b. Identification Markings. Each outer shipping container and all inner containers are fully marked to identify the ammunition. Wirebound boxes are marked in black and ammunition boxes are painted olive drab, with markings in yellow. When linked ammunition is functionally packed, component lot numbers are replaced by a functional lot number. Typical packing and identification markings are illustrated in figures 3-17 through 3-20.

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