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a. Cartridges of various calibers (fig. 3-12 through 3-14), which consist of different types of projectiles and bullets, are used for training and special purposes. They include the following:

(1) Caliber .22 long rifle and caliber .38 and .45 wad-cutter cartridges for target shooting.

(2) Caliber .45 blank cartridges fired in exercises to condition dogs to gun fire.

(3) Caliber .22 hornet and .410 shotgun cartridges for firing in Air Force combination (survival) weapons for hunting purposes.

(4) Caliber .45 line-throwing cartridges for firing in caliber .45 line-throwing rifles. The Navy uses these for throwing lines from ship-to-ship. The Army Signal Corps uses these for projecting signal wires over elevated terrain

(5) Shotshells containing the designated shot sizes as required for the following:

(b) 12 gage #4 Buck for guerrilla purposes.

62mm Linked

mu-d 85

Figure 3-15. Linked 7.62-mm cartridges.

mu-d 85

Figure 3-15. Linked 7.62-mm cartridges.

(c) 12 gage #6, 71/2 and 8 shot for clay target shooting for training purposes.

(d) .410 gage #7 shot for caliber .22/.410 survival weapons maintained in aircraft.

b. Special purpose cartridges also include the following types of military cartridges:

(1) Dummy. The dummy cartridge is used for practice in loading weapons and simulated firing to detect flinching of personnel when firing weapons. It consists of a cartridge case and a ball bullet. Cartridge identification is by means of holes through the side of the case or longitudinal corrugations in the case and by the empty primer pocket.

(2) Dummy inert-loaded. This cartridge consists of a cartridge case, a ball bullet and inert granular material in the case simulating the weight and balance of a live cartridge. The exterior of the cartridge is identified by a black chemical finish and by the absence of a primer. This cartridge is used by installations for testing weapon function, linkage and feed chutes.

(3) High-pressure test. High-pressure test ammunition is specially loaded to produce pressures substantially in excess of the maximum average or individual pressures of the corresponding service cartridge. This cartridge is not for field issue. It is used only by armorers and weapons mechanics for proof firing of weapons (rifles, pistols, machine guns) at place of manufacture, test and repair. Because of excessive pressures developed by this type of ammunition, and the potential danger involved in firing, proofing of weapons is conducted only by authorized personnel from fixed and shielded rests by means of a lanyard or other remote control methods.

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