Subcaliber Ammunition

a. General. Subcaliber guns are auxiliary devices used with tactical weapons during training and practice. Bore wear i-n the larger caliber weapons is reduced by training with smaller caliber weapons firing smaller caliber ammunition at shorter ranges. Subcaliber guns are designed for interior mounting (inside the bore of the weapon) or exterior mounting (on top of the gun tube). Interior-type subcaliber guns are used with 75mm howitzers, 76-mm guns, 90-mm guns and 105-mm howitzers. 'External-type subcaliber guns are used with 155-mm guns and howitzers and -8-inch howitzers. Special subcaliber equipment is designed for 4.2-inch mortars.

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b. Ammunition. Small arms cartridges are used as subcaliber ammunition in small artillery weapons. Medium and large caliber weapons use either 37-mm HE cartridges with black powder substituted for the HE charge or 75-mm service cartridges.

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