Time Blasting Fuse Igniters

These igniters are initiating components used in place of matches to light time blasting fuses. Fuse igniters are usually more reliable than matches. Use of igniters, therefore, is almost mandatory in rainy and windy weather. Fuse igniters consist of two types: friction and weatherproof.

a. Friction type. A friction, time-blasting, fuse igniter (fig. 8-13) consists of a paper tube containing friction powder. Prongs inside the open end of the fuse igniter permit the time-blasting fuse to be inserted but prevent removal, except by force. A pull on the loop or handle at the closed end of the igniter mechanically ignites the friction compound. This, in turn, fires the powder in the fuse.

b. Weatherproof. A weatherproof, time blasting, fuse igniter (fig. 8-14) consists of a barrel that holds the firing mechanism, and a coupling base that contains a percussion cap primer and has a pronged fuse retainer. Plastic sealing material is used to waterproof the joint of the time blasting fuse and fuse igniter. When the release pin is pulled, the firing pin strikes a percussion cap primer. This, in turn, ignites the fuse. This igniter will ignite the smooth surfaced fuse under any weather conditions, also under water.

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